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The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Sewing
At The Factory Sew-Vac, we have the largest selection of sewing machines, including Husqvarna Viking and Singer.
We are excited to partake in the creative possibilities of sophisticated technology and savvy state of the art sewing machines with computerized interfaces. Our staff is educated on the latest models and are dedicated to learning and teaching all the features in sewing machines.
Sewing is a wonderful pastime that brings joy to both sewers and to the people who receive their handcrafted treasures. Browse through the different models listed, and feel free to walk-in or schedule a demonstration of the sewing machines we have displayed.
We also have a very large selection of the best quality sewing cabinets and furniture from Horn of America on display. Horn offers sewing cabinets, sewing airlift cabinets, cutting tables, crafting tables, folding tables, and computer centers.
Husqvarna Viking
Historically, people all over the world have enjoyed stitching embroidery designs to personalize and embellish clothing, table linens and special heirlooms. Early embroideries were stitched by hand. Today, any of the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Embroidery Machines embroider your designs effortlessly.

The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Sewing
Making a living with your sewing machine? Let us be your partner to ensure that your sewing machines and sergers are in good working condition. We are your source for commercial sewing machines, from high-speed self-oiler machines to Consew walking foot upholstery and boat top machines.

We stock:
- Variable speed industrial machines, blind hemmers and walking feet
- Industrial sewing machine tables and stands
- Industrial sewing machine motors
- Lamps
- Bobbin winders
- Sewing machine needles
- Rolled hem feet, ruffles
- Buttonhole attachments
- Bobbins and threads

We Service All Major Brands

The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Husqvarna Viking
The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Singer
The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Pfaff
The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Kenmore
The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Brother
The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Bernina
The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Baby Lock
The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Janome
The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Consew
The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Sewing
Used Sewing Machines
We carry used sewing machines here at our store. Our used sewing machines are available for great prices. Come and check them out for more information.

Vintage Sewing Machines
Welcome to the old world of sewing machines when things were made to last a lifetime. These vintage sewing machines are delightful to look at and they have lots of life left in them. They will probably outlast most of today’s new machines.

The sewing machine came into existence around 1850. Prior to 1967, sewing machines were made of metal. The bodies were cast iron and then later were constructed with aluminum. The gears were made of steel. The machines you will find here are from 1880 to 1965.

Sewing Machine Software
There are more software programs available to home and commercial embroiderers than ever before. Software for today’s sewing and embroidery machines starts with reader/writer boxes that write embroidery designs from the computer to a blank card. The next level is software that allows you to customize designs: positioning designs perfectly in your hoop, rotating designs, aligning multiple designs, even contorting or morphing designs.
The Factory Sew-Vac LLC Sewing
Monograms and lettering are very popular. Lettering programs give you anywhere from five to hundreds of font styles. Some lettering programs allow you to manipulate the lettering as well.

Programs also allow you to resize designs and recalculate the stitch count. Density programs allow you to de-clump or remove unnecessary stitches, slip large designs to fit multi-position hoops or even designs larger than your hoop. The ultimate programs allow you to digitize, which is creating embroidery designs from scratch or taking artwork and pictures and turning them into embroidery designs.

Many call embroidery today cheating, but the fact is: “It’s Just Fun!” with the right program, that is.
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