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February is the Month of Love

Valentines Day is Right Around the Corner

With Valentines day next week, wouldn't your loved one love to have a new sewing machine? With a sewist in the house, you can't go wrong. We have unbelieveable sales just for them.



Feb 1 - Feb 28, 2022

Just in time to celebrate National Embroidery Month and Valentine’s Day, you can receive FREE Gifts with select sewing & embroidery machine purchases!

• With a DESIGNER SAPPHIRE™ 85 purchase, receive FREE Gifts valued $374 including: Do All Quilters Hoop 150 x 150mm, Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit, Felting Embroidery Set, and Felting Needles

• With a DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50 purchase, receive FREE Gifts valued $111 including: Felting Embroidery Set and Felting Needles

• With a DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 40 purchase, receive a FREE Gift valued $50 including: Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit


Feb 1 - Feb 28, 2022

This promotion focuses on awesome accessories that add the beauty and texture of embellishment to any garment, gift, or craft project!

• 5 x 7 Inch Design Hoop 180 x 130mm - This is the most common size of embroidery design so it is perfect for stitching these designs.

• Small Square Hoop 80 x 80mm - This is the perfect hoop for those tiny embroideries! (Embroidery area 3” x 3”)

• Hat Hoop Accessory - Monogram caps, hats and other projects easily. Simply attach to the 180 x 130mm Metal Hoop (required). • Ribbon Feet Set - Easily create different ribbon embellishments with these three feet using ribbons from 6 - 13.5mm. Fits machine groups 1-8.

• Yarn Embellishment Foot Set - Easily create decorative yarn embellishments when sewing using the specially designed stitches for this foot. Fits machine groups 7 & 8.

Sewing In Style

The Factory has partnered with Arrow Sewing Cabinets to bring you options to keep your sewing colorful!

Arrow’s Sewing Chair is one of our most popular and recognizable products. These colorful sewing chairs come in a wide range of colors (green, red, blue, black, white, pink and even oak) with several fabric options so they look great in any sewing room.

Don’t miss these new Hydraulic Sewing Chairs which features a padded hidden storage compartment for storage. The memory foam makes it comfortable for sewing long hours, lumbar support and a 5-caster star base. We also have a limited selection of Arrow sewing cabinets.


Have a Date with your Sewing Machine,

Get to know them!

New class schedule

 These classes are 5pm to 6pm and you must call and reserve your seat at least 1 day before the class. If no one calls, no one will be here. Class teacher is Jeff Momot, owner of the store with 28 years experience. Class is free of charge if you purchased your machine from us. Mechanical machines 1 year free, Computerized machines 2 years free, Embroidery machines 3 years free. Otherwise there will be a fee as shown below:

1st Wednesday of each month, basic machine operation, mechanical machines $40.00

2nd Wednesday of each month, basic machine operation, computerized machines $40.00

3rd Wednesday of each month, high end sewing and embroidery machine operation $50.00


4th Wednesday of each month, basic serger operation $50.00

5th Wednesday of each month, basic maintenance of your sewing machine $50.00


Please bring your machine, accessories (extra feet, bobbins, needles, thread and the other extra parts), owner’s manual if you have it, and cord and foot pedal.


Try before you fly!

As a reminder by doing these 3 things to your sewing machine will solve 50% of all problems.

*Re-threading your machine

*Change your needle

*Making sure the bobbin is in its casing the correct way.

You should be able to see your thread over the top of your bobbin, on the top load drop in bobbin machines.

If not, then you may have a problem that needs further attention.


Dead and Gone!

Old, rotten thread can cause problems with machines like thread lock. We receive 2-3 machines a week that is thread locked due to rotten thread stuck in the machine. To prevent this from happening to you, bring in your old thread to get checked and if you do happen to have dead thread we will recycle it for you and you will receive 20% off new thread from us! Thread rots especially in this climate. Dead thread can happen anytime! No one is safe!


We are still well stocked with Miele Vacuums

Miele had a record year last year and inventory is spotty at best. Some of our orders won't be filled til June or later of this year. Right now we still have a nice selection. So if you have been thinking about gettin a new vacuum, now is the time while our selection is still good. We have canisters bag and bagless, uprights, and Mieles new cordless.



Triflex HX1 Graphite Grey Product Sheet_Apr 2020.png

Aerus Beyond Guardian Air Purifier

This is the ultimate in air filtration. Active pure certified space technology destroys over 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants. We have all the technical data on file for your convenience. It is available in 3 sizes including the new personal size suitable for your car or office space. All are in stock ready to go. We have 2 running in the store at all times for your safety.

big scrubber.jpg

Welcome to the Family

Meet Shawn our new sales associate. He will be an asset to our company. He will be the one you meet when you walk in the door. That way, Jeff can stay in the back and repair your machines quicker with fewer interuptions.


Missy is Having a Birthday!


Say Happy Birthday to Missy when you come in the store. Missy, our fur baby and greeter at the store is having a birthday this month. She will be 6 years old on February 12 just in time for Valentines day.


Jeff is also having a birthday this month on the 26th. Make sure you say Happy Birthday to him too!


Jeff _ Missy.jpg

Thanks A'Million and One!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for all of your support over our 44 years of serving you. Together we will get thru this.


Tell your friends:

-Not sure what they want? Gift certificates are available to make gift giving effortless.

-We sharpen scissors starting at $5 with next day pickup!

-Layaway and financing available throughout the year on most machines.

-You can always stop in for a hug! They are always free , although very much frowned upon during this pandemic.

-We want to hear from you! If you have any suggestions including class suggestions or would like to see something else in the newsletter we would love to hear from you !


In December the Momots celebrated 6 years! of marriage. They took over the business and made it what it is today! Congratulations Jeff and Christe!



From your friends and family here at The Factory!

Jeff, Christe, Helen, Ricky, Shawn and Missy

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"Hugs are always welcome and always free."