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Going out for business! 

How many of you read this wrong. We arent going OUT of business but instead we are going out FOR business. Meaning we are looking for anyone and everyone who loves a deal and is ready to uprgrade their cleaning or sewing experience! 

DESIGNER TOPAZ ™ 50 Embroidery Quilting Bundle

August 1 - August 31, 2022

Sew to new destinations this Summer!

For a limited time only, get the Embroidery Quilting Bundle for only $2,999, a $4,903 value.

Embroidery Quilting Bundle includes:

• DESIGNER TOPAZ ™ 50 sewing and embroidery machine

• Circular Attachment

• Do All Quilter’s Hoop 6” x 6” (150x150cm)

• Extension Table with Adjustable Guide

• HUSQVARNA ® VIKING ® 3.5” Curved Embroidery Scissor

• Best of HUSQVARNA ® VIKING ® Sewing Machine Needles (4 pack)

SAPPHIRE ™ 930 Decorative Sewing Bundle

August 1 – 31, 2022

Make your escape in every project!

For a limited time only, get the Decorative Sewing Bundle for only $2,000. Save over $180 when you buy the bundle!

Decorative Sewing Bundle includes:

• SAPPHIRE ™ 930 sewing machine

• Circular Attachment

• Extension Table with Adjustable Guide

• HUSQVARNA ® VIKING ® 6” Appliqué Scissor

• Best of HUSQVARNA ® VIKING ® Sewing Machine Needles (3 pack)

JADE™ 20 for just $399

August 1 - August 31, 2022

For this month ONLY get the JADE ™ 20 sewing machine for $399! A fantastic sewing machine with great features and modern design all in one.

• Large sewing space – 200mm

• Uniquely designed accessory compartment

• Start/Stop function

• Sewing guide

• More than 80 beautiful 7mm wide stitches • 7 snap-on presser feet included


This is a great price for a computerized machine! 

AMBER ™ S100 for Only $599

August 1 - August 31, 2022

Right now you can get the AMBER ™ S100 overlock machine for only $599 AND get a pack of Overlock Needles for FREE! Expand your creativity and SAVE 25% OFF compatible accessories:

• INSPIRA ™ Universal Serger Roller Bag

• Blind Hem Foot 0.5mm

• Blind Hem Foot 1.0mm

• Gathering Foot

• Pearl Foot

• Piping Foot

There's never a bad time to buy a Miele, but when they are on sale, its that much sweeter. Hurry in for best selection


Triflex HX1 Graphite Grey $539.10



Triflex HX1 Ruby red - HomeCare $674.10 



Triflex HX1 Lotus White $539.10



Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog $719.10 



Triflex HX1 Pro $809.10



Looking Sharp!

We also offer scissor sharpening starting at 10$ with next day pick up! As long as your scissors are able to open up or take apart they can be sharpened.

Even pinking shears can be sharpened! 

Try before you fly!

As a reminder by doing these 3 things to your sewing machine will solve 50% of all problems.

*Re-threading your machine

*Change your needle

*Making sure the bobbin is in its casing the correct way.

You should be able to see your thread over the top of your bobbin, on the top load drop in bobbin machines.

If not, then you may have a problem that needs further attention.

Give us a call with any questions, we may be able to help over the phone. You will always speak with a live person!

Dead and Gone!

Old, rotten thread can cause problems with machines like thread lock. We receive 2-3 machines a week that is thread locked due to rotten thread stuck in the machine. To prevent this from happening to you, bring in your old thread to get checked and if you do happen to have dead thread we will recycle it for you and you will receive 20% off new thread from us! Thread rots especially in this climate. Dead thread can happen anytime!


No one is safe!


Upgrade your Sewing Area! 

If you been on our email list for a while you have seen the article with Arrow Sewing Furniture but did you know we also have Horn of America, Tailormade, and Kangaroo Cabinets as well? Select few are in store on demonstration and we can also order right out of the catalog. You will always get a discount on our sewing machine cabinets and chairs even if they are special order! So what are you waiting for? You know your sewing room/ closet/ area needs an upgrade! 

Thanks A'Million!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for all of your support over our 44 years of serving you. Together we will get thru this.


Tell your friends:

-Not sure what they want? Gift certificates are available to make gift giving effortless.

-Layaway and financing available throughout the year on most machines.

-You can always stop in for a hug! They are always free , although very much frowned upon during this pandemic.

-We want to hear from you! If you have any suggestions or would like to see something else in the newsletter we would love to hear from you !

We have another birthday this month, The owner Christe is celebrating on the 14th of August! Stop in or call and wish her a happy birthday! (she picks up the phone most of the time)



Thanks for all of your support. From your family and friends at The Factory!

Jeff, Christe, Helen, Ricky and Missy

"Hugs are always welcome and always free."