M Q 18 8

Mega Quilter 18 x 8

Experience Far Reaching Results like Never Before with the Mega Quiler 18 x 8!

Automatic Stitch Regulator
Achieve uniform stitch results throughout, even as you change quilting speed or direction. Your Husqvarna Viking® Mega Quilter 18x8™ ensures uniform quality from the very first stitch to the last.

Auto Needle Position
You decide when the machine stops in the needle up or needle down position. Minimize bent or broken
needles; maximize free movement of the machine.

Large Bobbin Capacity
Quilt longer between bobbin changes with the extra large capacity bobbin. Includes built-in bobbin winder.

18 Inch Arm
Quilt even the bulkiest projects with room to spare! With an 18-inch wide space between the needle and arm of the machine, and 8 inches of height, the Husqvarna Viking® Mega Quilter 18x8™ easily handles large or bulky projects. It lets you stitch larger quilt patterns without having to roll fabric as often, too.

Quilting Foot
You’re in control of this versatile quilting foot, which holds the fabric in place while the needle completes the stitch. Adjust it up or down to
accommodate the thickest batting or fabric, and use it right next to rulers and templates for total stitch accuracy.

Ergonomic Handles
Adjustable, ergonomic handles move up and down for maximum comfort while quilting. Rubber handle grips feel great.

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