All the stitches you'll ever need!
You sew for the fun of it. Of course the children's pants need to be mended, the curtains need to be hemmed, and skirts need to be shortened - but it's the creative process that makes sewing really fun. A beautiful quilt, a personally decorated blouse, curtains with your own Pictogram embroideries, or a seat cushion with appliques: Anything is possible if you have the right sewing machine. To make things really easy for you, we at Husqvarna Viking have created The Lily 540 and 550 , two sewing machines with an extra large selection of stitches. If you consider your sewing an art, these machines are a must! But the Lily also lets you patch those jeans.

The Lily is the product of Husqvarna Viking's long experience with sewing machines. It gives you the ultimate freedom of choice in stitches. Anything you do -- utility stitches, quilting, decorative stitches,  Pictograms, or letters. The Lily 550 has all the stitches you'll ever need on your sewing machine. No need to add stitches later.

Quilt a masterpiece
The Lily is indispensable for quilt-makers. Special quilt stitches and Husqvarna Viking's own quilting presser foot make your work quick and professional. With the Pictogram® pen and the vast array of
decorative stitches, you can create your own patterns and creative solutions for everything that you sew. And the Lily has plenty of stitches to choose from. The Lily 550, for example, has 88 decorative stitches
and three different alphabets for monograms and other lettering.

Special features -- large and small!
Everything you could possibly need for utility stitching is at your fingertips, including several overlock stitches and buttonholes. All utility stitches are at the touch of a button. Touch the stitch you desire, and
the stitch is automatically set with the right stitch length and width.
The buttonhole sensor foot, which is a standard feature, creates automatic settings to sew buttonholes with the exact same length. The Fix key makes it easy to sew a few stitches at the beginning and end of a seam to fix it in place, and three thread cutters are just a few of the special features of the Lily.
Learn more -- have more fun

Husqvarna Viking offers much more than quality, practical sewing machines. Come into our dealers and have a look at all the accessories that make sewing easier and more fun. Husqvarna Viking dealers offer classes, where you can learn more about your sewing machine and have even more fun with stitchery!

You will also find inspiration and ideas in our Zig Zag magazine, which always offers a thick sewing appendix full of patterns, along with articles, helpful hints, and advice.

In short: Join the Husqvarna Viking family and let your creative juices flow!

How your Husqvarna Viking Lily sews:

Buttonhole sensor foot
               Lets you automatically sew as many buttonholes as you want, all the                 exact same size. The Lily 550 has ten different buttonhole styles and                 the Lily 540 has two.
Letters and numbers
               Perfect for Monograms, names and dates.The Lily 550 has three                     different alphabets and the Lily 540 has one.
 1/4" seam allowance
               Pre-programmed straight stitch with 1/4" seam allowance from the                   outer edge on presser foot A. Practical for quilting and piecing.
 Quilting stitches
               The Lily 550 and Lily 540 have seven different quilting stitches,                      including one that looks hand-sewn.
 Many utility and decorative stitches
               The Lily has stitches for all kinds of sewing. The decorative stitches                   give your creative sewing ideas free reign. The Lily 550 has 240                      stitches and the Lily 540 has 80 different stitches.
 One-touch stitch selection
               Select menu and touch a button to instantly set any stitch with the                   precise stitch length and width.
 Programmable decorative stitches
               Easy to program. All patterns are stored in the memory, even when                   the machine is turned off.
 Accessory box on the free arm
               A practical storage location that keeps all of your accessories close at                 hand. Your presser feet and bobbins fit in the removable box.
 Fix button
               Press the Fix button and the machine automatically sews a few tie off                 stitches and stops.
 Hard portable carrying case
               The machine is delivered with a practical storage cover that also has                  room for the electrical cord and instruction book.
 Extension table
               Makes it easier to sew large projects.
 No oiling
               The Lily does not need oil - no oil stains on fabric!
 Easy to thread
               Open thread guides and a white presser foot ankle behind the eye of                 the needle make threading easy.
 Easy to wind the bobbin without unthreading the machine
               The sewing action switches off immediately when you start to wind.
               Winding stops automatically when the bobbin is full.
 Instant or permanent reverse
               You can select instant or permanent reverse to allow you to have both                hands on the fabric you are mending.
 25 needle positions
               Always the right position with perfect feeding for topstitching and                    quilting.
 Adjustable presser foot pressure
               For perfect seams in all materials, silk, knits, vinyls, wovens, and                     leather


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