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MasterWorks Lite

Are you ready to take the first step? You've thought about digitizing clip art into embroidery designs, and now you can with MasterWorks Lite from Designer's Gallery. MasterWorks Lite digitizing software makes digitizing work for you with step-by-step instructions and all of your tools on one screen. Soon, you'll be able to go wherever your imagination takes you, with perfect embroidery every time. Start digitizing today!

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No more cookie cutter designs! Finding more cookie cutter designs than the incredible designs you had in mind? With MasterWorks II digitizing software you can easily transform all your line-art and images into embroidery designs. Plus, select a fill stitch, add shapes, combine text and artwork, preview stitching sequence and more, all without ever changing screens. Discover digitizing power that lets you create perfect embroidery every time.
For digitizing designs, no program is more powerful - or easy to use - than MasterWorks II.



Baby Lock Software NEW! Palette 9 includes many features to make the production of even the largest projects fast and simple, with professional results.

Palette 8 creative embroidery software allows you to create beautiful images from your favorite pictures, scanned or digital images, and clip art.

Palette PTS
Quickly transfer any design in PES format to an embroidery card to be used in your Baby Lock embroidery machine. With Palette PTS you can transfer designs that you download from the Internet, as well as purchased designs from your computer's hard drive, floppy disks, and CD-ROMs, to the 4MB card included.

Palette Petite
This easy-to-use digitizing software includes the features you need to turn clip art into embroidery designs, plus fun options for adding letters, editing your design and more.

QuiltMotion Software
Take your quilting to the next level with the QuiltMotion software, designed specifically for the Baby Lock Jewel.

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Trying to add text? Ready to resize? Each member of the Designer's Gallery software family has a clear solution to any design issue - from puckering to organizing - all with unparalleled features and customer support. Click the categories that fit your needs to purchase software, explore features, find free projects and more!

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